Working on the floor and my patience

Saturday morning was spent rounding up supplies and materials to start laying down the floor in the bus. We made a trip to Lowe's and bought the moisture barrier, insulation boards, and plywood along with some screws and a few other odds 'n ends.

Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning we put down the floor frame for the shower stall and then got to work on the floor. First, we filled in all the little holes with some caulk. Then we put down the moisture barrier (6 mil plastic sheets) starting in the back of the bus. We then put down the RMax insulation boards. Finally, we topped it all with the plywood and screwed it all down.

It took much longer to do this than I thought. After several hours of work, we only have about half of the floor completed. Of course, we did the hardest part of the bus first. We did the very back and then around the toilet closet and shower stall - which required quite a bit of measuring and cutting and fitting and caulking. Since the hard part is done, the rest should be pretty easy. The hardest part will be moving all the tools and accumulating supplies from the bus and sorting through it all to figure out what needs to go back in the bus. After that, we just have to take the full sheets and lay them down. Not much left to measure and cut at all.

We have plans to be out of town (going to Atlanta) this upcoming weekend and won't be getting anything done on the bus at all. We wanted to be able to get the floor finished at some point throughout this week, but the weather seems to have other plans. (Lots of tropical storms/hurricanes out there sending bad weather our way.) If things don't change, we won't get the floor done for another two weeks.

In the meantime, Jim and I both continue to research and talk and come up with new ideas or improvements on old ideas. So while it may seem that we are at a standstill, we are always moving forward in one way or another. But quite honestly, there is that big part of me that thinks it is not fast enough.

Patience. I keep telling myself, "PATIENCE"!

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